In the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, we educate future leaders who will make innovative contributions in various healthcare sectors including biomedical research, biotechnology, medicine, public health, pharmacy, drug discovery, optometry and dentistry.

Undergraduate Study in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Our department's deep and rigorous curriculum immerses students in their desired educational track and trains them to foster innovative approaches to solving real world problems. This program experience equips graduates with conceptual knowledge and focused, hands-on experience that is highly valued by many companies, graduate schools, and medical and dental schools. You will be exposed to Stevens' strong foundation in technological innovation which provides you with a distinct advantage.

Biology, chemical biology, and chemistry majors gain the first year-to-senior year research spine experience, which sets Stevens graduates apart from other applicants. As a result, our graduates move on to prestigious graduate schools, enjoy remarkable entrance rates in top medical and dental schools, and find industrial positions in various healthcare industries concentrated in the New York metropolitan area.

If you're ready to join a world-class group of students who will be the movers and shakers of tomorrow's healthcare fields, learn more about our undergraduate programs below.

Class of 2021 Undergraduate Career Outcomes