Research Areas

a drug testing model. The overarching goal of Sharma lab is to design and develop novel-molecular reactivity and molecular function to ultimately accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics.

The emergence of resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs is a prominent challenge in the treatment of cancer as well as bacterial infections. Thus, it is vital to not only develop drugs with novel mechanisms of action but also to expedite the chemical synthesis of these next generation anticancer and antibacterial agents. We are interested in the design, synthesis and evaluation of compounds that can potently block the proliferative action of estrogen receptors in endocrine-therapy resistant breast cancer.

another drug testing model.

Another area of interest is the design and development of small organic molecules that can inhibit protein-protein interactions or probe the physiological/pathological functions of biological receptors and enzymes.


3D drug testing model.

Our lab also aims to develop novel synthetic methodologies that allow efficient construction of molecules possessing interesting structural, biological and physical properties.