The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology is building a strong research community of molecular, cellular, and computational minds.

Our faculty and students work synergistically to explore transformative scientific ideas for cutting-edge research in chemical and life sciences and for broad impact in drug discovery, precision medicine, and sustainability.

Research in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Chemistry is referred to as the “central science” because it provides a framework to connect the physical sciences with the life sciences and applied sciences such as medicine and engineering. One of the foundational research pillars of this “central science” focuses on the study of the structure, synthesis, and function of molecules, ranging from small molecules to peptides, polymers, and biomolecules (“molecular mind”).

Chemical biology, as our legacy research area, aims to provide mechanistic insights into biological problems from the perspective of molecular synthesis, analysis, and control (“cellular mind”). At the same time, computational chemistry and biology have significantly advanced to play increasingly important roles in studying molecular and cellular systems (“computational mind”).

Our department's research strengths lie in:

  • Modulation of disease-relevant biological systems at molecular level (“molecular mind’)
  • Studying mechanisms of cancer initiation, progression, and therapy resistance using patient-derived organoids and tissue models (“cellular mind”)
  • High-accuracy predictions of molecular structures and properties (“computational mind”).

Research Areas

Molecular Focus

Current research includes the design and development of novel anticancer and antibacterial compounds, bioactive peptides, molecular probes to better understand and modulate cellular functions, discovery of novel molecular building blocks and chemical reactions to expand the “chemical space” of bioactive compounds and functional macromolecules.


Research Laboratories in Chemistry & Chemical Biology

The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB) at Stevens is known for its legacy of fostering and nurturing groundbreaking, world-class innovation at the interface between chemical and biological sciences. The department hosts laboratories with focus in molecular, cellular, and computational research.