Research in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)

CCB has attained international recognition in polymer synthesis, polymer characterization, methods of instrumental analysis, medicinal chemistry, and structural chemistry (theoretical as well as experimental). Research in chemical biology focuses on protein trafficking, cell signaling, drug encapsulation and dosing and proteomics. In order to accommodate that research, CCB uses modern well-equipped laboratories for protein separation and analysis. CCB also uses state-of-the-art instrumentation including confocal microscopy, PCR, radio-isotope labeling, fluorometry, double-beam spectrophotometry, Fourier-transform infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance, high performance liquid chromatography, thermal analysis and mass spectrometry.

Research Areas in Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Research in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology spans a wide variety of disciplines from analytical, inorganic, organic and biochemistry to medicinal chemistry, biomedicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and instrumental analysis, including a complete education in chemistry with additional mathematics and physics training.