Immerse yourself in research that seeks to add to broader knowledge through discovery and synthesize new chemicals in the chemistry Ph.D. program at Stevens.

The chemistry Ph.D. program provides a solid foundation in core areas -- organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and biochemistry – and offers advanced courses in polymer chemistry, natural products, medicinal chemistry, drug discovery, cancer research, computational chemistry, instrumental analysis and mass spectrometry.

Doctoral students will find state-of-the-art research facilities on campus, including the Center for Healthcare Innovation, which embraces multi-disciplinary approaches, and the Center for Mass Spectrometry, which is considered one of the most well-equipped academic facilities in the United States.

A multi-disciplinary collaborative environment emphasized throughout the university provides for unique learning opportunities. In particular, the interdisciplinary nanotechnology graduate program allows chemistry graduate students to study the behavior of matter at the smallest scales.

Our chemistry Ph.D. program students work on individual research projects while gaining expertise that prepares them for burgeoning career opportunities in a wide range of industries – from pharmaceuticals, petroleum, polymers and plastics, paints and adhesives to electronic materials, waste treatment, agricultural chemistry, and foods and fragrances.

Stevens’ graduates hold positions in hospitals and clinics, environmental control and criminology laboratories, as well as in quality control, where testing and analysis are crucial. Others work in high-tech areas where chemistry plays a pivotal role, such as bioinformatics, biotechnology, materials technology, ceramics, polymers and electronic materials.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens also helps you build your professional network in an ideal location: we are just 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan and situated in the center of the New Jersey. Our location gives students access to professional networking opportunities in New York City, as well as internships and other opportunities for career experience.

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