Excellence in advanced multi-disciplinary research

Chemistry Doctoral Program at Stevens

Stevens graduate Chemistry program provides advanced education in Chemistry theory and experimental methods to students with undergraduate backgrounds in Chemistry. The graduate program connects students with distinguished faculty research, providing both theoretical instruction and experimental exposure throughout the course of study.

A multi-disciplinary collaborative environment, emphasized throughout the university, provides for unique learning opportunities. In particular, the interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Graduate program allows Chemistry graduate students to study the behavior of matter at the smallest scales.

Research in Focus

Polymer Chemistry for Functional Molecules

The Sukhishvili Lab studies the interfacial properties of water-soluble polymers and principles of macromolecular assembly at interfaces to apply this knowledge to produce surfaces with desired properties, such as control of protein and/or nanoparticle attachment, or designed environmental response of surface films. Through manipulating properties of multilayers at the nanoscale level during self-assembly, Dr. Svetlana Sukhishvili is discovering a whole range of new advanced materials can be produced. One example of these materials is polymeric…

High-Accuracy Computational Chemistry

Dr. Yong Zhang, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Stevens Institute of Technology, is developing a method for computational analysis of drugs and living proteins that allows researchers to test-run their experimental medicines before conducting laboratory trials. Using the principles of chemistry and quantum mechanics, together with lessons learned from lab experiments, he has created simulations that accurately model drug interactions at the atomic level. This research will be critical for pushing medicine to the next frontier.