Gain highly valued research skills from the first chemical biology program in the nation.

The chemical biology master’s program at Stevens gives you unparalleled preparation for a range of satisfying careers in research, medicine and industry. Our program is the first chemical biology program founded in the U.S. Our historical presence in the field serves our students well, both while they are here at Stevens and beyond graduation.

Along with advanced theoretical studies, you’ll pursue original research in world-class laboratories under the mentorship of leading experts in the field.

The Stevens Advantage

You’ll acquire the in-depth lab experience that top employers look for and make connections in pharma, medicine and academia that will help you thrive. We’re also just 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan and situated in the center of the New Jersey pharmaceutical corridor near companies looking for top talent.

Faculty Profile

Chemical Biology Research at Stevens

Chemical biology lab

Stevens is a Premier Research Institution

At Stevens, you have the opportunity to work directly with our renowned faculty members researching groundbreaking topics such as the design and synthesis of medicinally important phenolic and heterocyclic compounds; novel ERK inhibitors; and fabrication of hollow tubular scaffolds for blood vessel-like structure formation.

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Research Areas in Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Research in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology spans a wide variety of disciplines from analytical, inorganic, organic and biochemistry to medicinal chemistry, biomedicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and instrumental analysis, including a complete education in chemistry with additional mathematics and physics training.