Develop expertise in both chemistry and biology by working with renowned faculty on interdisciplinary research projects.

The chemical biology Ph.D. program blends advanced study in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, life sciences, medicine and clinical applications. Students will investigate biological problems, use statistical methods to interpret biological data, and determine and interpret the kinetic parameters of biological reactions.

This interdisciplinary program maintains a strong focus on independent research in areas such as cancer biology (ovarian and breast, in addition to other forms of cancer), drug discovery and development, genetics, cell and molecular biology, physiology, organic chemistry and computational chemistry.

The chemical biology Ph.D. program offers advanced courses in medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development and cancer biology where students gain an in-depth understanding of all core disciplines in biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell biology, physiology and advanced chemistry. The program is excellent preparation for careers in academia, industry and medicine. Our graduates often go to work at healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies and hold positions as research scientists, managers, biochemists, medicinal chemists, pharmaceutical chemists and materials scientists.

The Stevens Advantage

Stevens prime location next to New York City and within the New Jersey research corridor attracts Chemical Biology students from across the country and around the world to benefit from the university's collaborative relationships with industry and academic partners throughout the region.