The research and educational endeavors of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology are supported by the following facilities equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and occupying the total space of 20,500 square feet in McLean Building:

  • Core Facilities which provide a broad spectrum of chemical analysis and biological imaging capabilities.
  • Teaching Labs, which are used for in-depth lab and research training of CCB undergraduate and graduate students and to provide introductory chemistry and biology lab experiences to over 1,000 undergraduate students every year.
  • Research Labs which anchor individual faculty research, graduate student training, and research experience for undergraduates.

Our facilities are augmented by the shared facilities of the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science, which include the Machine, Electronics, and Welding Shops, High Performance Computing, Multi-Scale Imaging, Microdevice Fabrication, and Prototype Object Fabrication. Also, our New York metropolitan location provides us with access to major instruments at neighboring research institutions as well as Brookhaven National Laboratory’s User Facilities.

CCB Core Facilities

  • Confocal Microscopy (McLean B09)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (McLean 413)
  • Mass Spectrometry (McLean 409 and 408)

Teaching Labs

  • Molecular Biology Lab (McLean 118)
  • General Chemistry Lab (McLean 203)
  • Organic Chemistry Lab (McLean 219)
  • Chemical Biology Lab (McLean 323)
  • Instrumental Analysis Lab (Mclean 423-429)
  • Physical & Inorganic Chemistry Lab (McLean 522-523)