​The undergraduate minor in biochemical engineering is offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science.

Biochemical Engineering Minor

Students may qualify for a minor in biochemical engineering (for students in other engineering disciplines) by taking the required courses indicated. Completion of a minor indicates proficiency beyond that provided by the Stevens curriculum in the basic material of the selected area. If you are enrolled in a minor program, you must earn six additional credits above and beyond what is required for the engineering curriculum. In addition, the grade in any course credited for a minor must be "C" or better and the credits for a course used to meet the minor requirement cannot be used for the Masters degree.

Biochemical Engineering Minor Requirements

(For students enrolled in the chemical engineering curriculum)

  • CH 243/45 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH 244 Organic Chemistry II
  • BIO 281 Biology and Biotechnology
  • BIO 381 Cell Biology