Develop the research expertise to discover new knowledge and create, design and make cutting-edge improvements to technologies in the materials science and engineering Ph.D. program at Stevens.

Ph.D. students in materials science and engineering find the best of both worlds: a department with a critical mass of renowned faculty and top-quality research facilities—and an entrepreneurial environment small enough to champion your talent and vision. At Stevens, you will find a Ph.D. program that provides a wealth of world-class resources for the research that interests you most.

In the materials science and engineering Ph.D. program, you will gain experience in the research and development of innovative solutions for high-performance materials in biomedicine, electronic device processing, ceramics, plastics, and other areas.

The Stevens materials science and engineering doctoral program is superb preparation for careers in a broad range of fields that require the design of unique materials, including electronics, alternate energy and biomedical professions. Many of our Ph.D. graduates move forward in careers in universities, as well as in industry and government labs, where they hold positions as research scientists, research fellows, postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors and staff scientists.

The Stevens Advantage

Apart from engaging in high-impact research with our actively patenting and publishing faculty members, you’ll find a number of resources dedicated to your professional success. The Chemical and Materials Student Association (CMSA) serves our graduate students by organizing guest lectures and leadership opportunities, and our location, just 15 minutes from downtown Manhattan, positions you to build a global network with unlimited possibilities. With extensive training and career-building experience, our chemical engineering graduates go on to thrive as innovators in academia and industry.

What Students Are Saying