The materials science master’s program offers both Master of Engineering and Master of Science degrees designed to foster independent scholarly work while providing flexibility to accommodate your interests and career goals.

Each of the materials science master’s programs immerses students in a dynamic and collaborative learning environment focused on innovative research. As a student, you will receive a solid foundation in the fundamentals of materials science and investigate important current topics in energy, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

The program has the option of two interdisciplinary concentrations:


The goal of the nanotechnology program is to create a vibrant interdisciplinary environment that provides stimulating and cross-fertilizing educational training in nanotechnology to contribute to the Institute’s research excellence in related frontiers while preserving strong disciplinary fundamentals.

Microelectronics and Photonics

Microelectronics research investigates semiconductor materials and device physics for developing electronic and photonic devices and integrated circuits with data/energy efficient performance in terms of speed, power consumption, and functionality. Photonics research studies laser devices, detectors, sensors, optical systems, and the effects of quantum mechanics on the behavior of electron and photon interaction.

With a masters degree in materials science, you have the opportunity to spur technological advances that shape the modern world and apply to nearly any industry. Stevens’ location, 15 minutes from New York City, means students have the ability to network and intern with Fortune 500 companies who are looking for top talent in the surrounding area.