The challenges facing today's scientists and engineers often exist at the intersection between various disciplines–whether between engineering and science or fields within individual disciplines. At Stevens, engineering and science come together under one roof, fostering a proactive, interdisciplinary environment that encourages results-driven collaboration and unique, innovative problem solving.

Interdisciplinary Master's & Ph.D. Programs

In addition to traditional programs in single disciplines offered by each of our departments, Stevens offers options for interdisciplinary study between departments which allows students to pursue a degree program that bridges multiple disciplines and addresses the increasingly cross-cutting nature of research and industry. 

The interdisciplinary master's and Ph.D. programs at Stevens take advantage of the collaborative environment, complementary educational offerings and research opportunities across disciplines and departments. In these programs, you will work with a faculty advisor from your selected home department to design an approved plan of interdisciplinary study.

Available Interdisciplinary Programs:

  • Interdisciplinary Master of Engineering Degree
  • Interdisciplinary Master of Science Degree
  • Interdisciplinary Engineering Doctoral Degree
  • Interdisciplinary Science Degree

For more information about the interdisciplinary master's or Ph.D. programs, contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Optional Concentrations