Objectives & Outcomes of the Chemical Engineering Master’s Program

Graduates of the chemical engineering master’s program will:

  • Apply advanced chemical engineering concepts in a professional and ethical manner with awareness of safety, sustainability and the role of technology in society.
  • Collaborate effectively with other professionals based on their knowledge of advanced chemical engineering concepts, broad interdisciplinary knowledge and application of modern information technology tools for efficient team work and successful leadership.
  • Engage in lifelong learning through professional activities and continuing education.
  • Participate in technology innovation through development of chemical processes and products, generation of intellectual property or establishing new enterprises.
  • Have advanced knowledge of chemical engineering concepts: chemical kinetics and reactor design, thermodynamics and transport phenomena for chemical processing systems.
  • Be able to manage, develop and assess alternative chemical engineering systems by critically evaluating such considerations as feasibility, cost, safety, government regulatory issues and societal impacts.
  • Be able to collaborate effectively on cross-functional teams and provide effective leadership.
  • Be able to critically think, evaluate the work quality of oneself and others and to effectively communicate through professional correspondence, technical reports and presentations.
  • Be able to adapt to changing technological and societal needs based on advanced knowledge in chemical engineering with interdisciplinary exposure and appreciation of the benefit and fulfillment of life-long learning.