Graphic illustrating what the Nano Micro Bio research group studiesWoo Lee’s research group creates new devices using nanotechnology and microfluidics for transformative use. We are currently developing: (1) human 3D tissue and tumor models that can be used a new means for preclinical drug evaluation and personalized medicine and (2) wearable sensors and supercapacitors using inkjet-printed graphene.

Our campus is located on the bank of the Hudson River in New Jersey with a spectacular view of Manhattan, New York. At this world-class location, we are actively pursuing collaboration, translation, and entrepreneurship aimed at realizing the transformative use of our devices.

Nano Micro Bio group standing by Hudson River in 2014

Our group has produced four winners of the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame Graduate Student Awards over the past four years. One of the students founded FlexTraPower in 2013 to commercialize our graphene sensor discovery.