The Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Stevens educates engineers and scientists who become technological leaders in the fields of chemical engineering and materials science.

The chemical engineering programs at Stevens originated in what became the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in the mid-1960s. The materials programs have their origins in what was originally the Department of Metallurgy, founded in 1938, which later became the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. In 1998, the chemical engineering undergraduate and graduate programs joined with the materials graduate programs to form the Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science.

The co-existence of these two synergistic engineering programs within the same department has been a unique source of strength. A number of the department’s faculty members have research and educational background in both disciplines, which is reflected in the diverse nature of our research focus areas:

  • inorganic material synthesis and crystal engineering
  • multi-scale modeling and simulation
  • nanophotonics and fiber optics
  • polymer synthesis, characterization, and processing
  • Reaction engineering
  • Tissue and cancer engineering

Many of these areas have important applications in sustainable energy and healthcare.

The department boasts two renowned research centers: the Highly Filled Materials Institute, and the New Jersey Center for Microchemical Systems, and an acclaimed national research resource, the Laboratory for Multiscale Imaging.

Our exceptional faculty have strong accomplishments in research, teaching, and service. They have been called upon to serve in various important leadership roles in both the School of Engineering & Science and the institute. 

Message from the Chair

Adeniyi Lawal

Adeniyi Lawal, Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at Stevens. Our mission is to provide our students with a high quality and functional engineering education that not only meets their aspirations but also serves society at large. We produce engineers and scientists equipped with critical thinking skills. Engineering, like other disciplines, is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary therefore broadening the students educational experience while at Stevens is an important objective. Related to that, our curricula have components aimed at transforming our students into life-long learners. Our courses also address important contemporary issues such as sustainability, and renewable energy.

We are excited to share with you some of the unique attributes of our department. We offer an undergraduate program in chemical engineering, and graduate programs in both chemical engineering and materials science. As a student, you become part of an exciting community of learners and researchers, receiving instruction from chemical engineering and materials science professors of diverse research backgrounds.

Our undergraduate students are grounded in the fundamental concepts of chemical engineering, math and science which prepare them for the development of chemical processes and products. Through various design spine courses, which are unique to Stevens engineering education, they become well-rounded engineers, practice teamwork and develop the leadership skills required for an exciting career in a profession brimming with opportunity. As a graduate student, you will work alongside our professors in cross-functional teams, immersed in a vibrant intellectual setting, with access to state-of-the-art research laboratories to grapple with solutions to issues that are vitally important to society, industry and government. Our doctoral students also take advantage of opportunities that our department provides for synergistic and collaborative research between chemical engineering and materials science. It’s not uncommon to have a materials science professor as the primary advisor of a chemical engineering PhD student, and vice versa.

Our distinguished faculty is one of the most culturally and gender diverse at Stevens. The student body also reflects this diversity. We are committed to the promotion of inclusion as we welcome people of all different backgrounds. We look forward to your joining us.

Dr. Adeniyi Lawal

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