Push the possibilities of biomedical solutions with a degree designed to propel your career.

In the biomedical engineering graduate program at Stevens, you’ll work with recognized leaders in the field, conduct high-impact research and design life-enhancing technology. Our Master of Engineering graduates thrive in academia, industry, medicine and a range of expanding opportunities in biomedical innovation.

We give you the flexibility to pursue the areas of biomedical engineering that interest you most. Customize your courses to focus on biomechanics, biomaterials, bioinstrumentation, bio-robotics, tissue engineering, neural engineering, nanotechnology and more. Investigate emerging areas alongside our actively patenting faculty. Test and model new devices in world-class laboratories. Discover how far you can go in an entrepreneurial environment that rewards your scientific rigor and vision.

Our Approach to Biomedical Engineering

Our program is design-oriented to help you pursue new technologies from concept through commercialization. And since ideas are only as good as their implementation, we also give you multiple opportunities to work with faculty and industry partners so you leave the program better positioned for success. Whether you’re advancing a current career in biomedical engineering or moving into the field, we’ve structured the program to help you meet your professional goals.

Core Courses:

  • BME 600 Strategies and Principles of Biomedical Design
  • BME 601LA Advanced Biomedical Engineering Lab

Focus Areas:

  • Biomechanics & Biomaterials
  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Tissue Engineering 

Other Program Features:

  • Part-time or full-time enrollment
  • Extensive hands-on laboratory experience
  • An optional research or clinical thesis
  • A balance of online and in-person classes
  • Credit for on-the-job projects with your current employer
  • Discussion-based classes with case studies on the device industry
  • Electives in Transport in Biosystems, Engineering Physiology, Biosystems Simulation and Control, and Bioethics

Engineering Great Careers

Discover how a master’s in biomedical engineering from Stevens helps you reach the higher levels of biotechnology.

Meet Our Faculty

Who Should Apply?

We welcome applicants who have a passion for combining engineering and biology to solve complex problems in medicine.

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Application Requirements

Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in engineering. Such degrees can include, but are not limited to, concentrations in biomedical, mechanical, electrical, or chemical engineering. The program equally benefits applicants currently working in biomedical engineering, or candidates transitioning into the field. We invite students without undergraduate engineering degrees to consider applying to the Master of Science in Bioengineering.

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Department Leaders

Marissa Gray Associate Departmental Director of Graduate Programs and Teaching Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering