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Advantage Investor is a financial analytics platform offering state-of-the-art “alerts as a service” (AaaS).

  • AdvantageInvestor logo
  • Intuitive analysis of financial data
  • Knowledgeable and actionable alerts
  • Patented event-based microservice technology 

Michael Di Stefano, CEO: [email protected]


APIS Innovation

Harvesting energy from landfills with IoT control systems.

Gregory Chrin, CEO: [email protected] 


Blink CDN

Deliver live video in the blink of an eye.

Mukund Iyengar: [email protected]



Castle Point Learning Systems

Castle Point Learning Systems has developed Gradarius, the world’s first stepwise calculus learning platform. This software as a service educational technology platform revolutionizes the learning and teaching of calculus.

Castle Point Learning Systems logogradarius logo

Dam Kaminski, CEO: [email protected] 




Coin-Complex is an accessible, easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange that enables crypto-to-crypto transactions between market participants that combines the four critical features of an advanced exchange: accessibility to the retail investor; a streamlined user interface; powerful trading tools; and advanced portfolio management tools. Coin-Complex enables customers to make better decisions that lead to better investments.

George Engroff, CEO: [email protected]


Cronix Technologies


Building blockchain solutions to protect patient data and hospital reputations.

Gregory Garone, CEO: [email protected]



The world's fastest database storage engine.       

Dillon Uzar, CEO: [email protected]


Hoboken Fuel Cell

Hoboken Fuel Cell provides a hydrogen-based electrical power source that is lighter in weight and lasts twice as long as conventional batteries.

Ron Besser, founder: [email protected]


LifeSkills Software

LifeSkills Software offers a web-based platform with a wide range of captivating and educational games that teach special-needs students real-world skills while tracking their progress along the way.

Nicholas Gattuso III , CEO


Mira Therapeutics

Mira Therapeutics is a student-run company that offers digital therapeutics for the treatment and tracking of post-traumatic stress disorder and other serious mental health conditions. Our flagship product is MiraView, a holistic treatment supplement that supports patients in their everyday lives, while making it easier for clinicians to plan sessions, evaluate client progress and enhance patient recovery. 

CJ Internicola, founder



Partus Biotech

Partus Biotech has developed a proprietary method for metrology-enabled precision manufacturing of cell-instructive 3D-structured biomaterials that can be used in vivo for therapeutic applications and for diagnostic applications.

Dilhan Kalyon, co-founder: [email protected]

Garrett Roper, business lead: [email protected]



Green Light, the first product of Photoresistance, is a retrofit lighting system that seeks to reduce energy consumption in public spaces by automatically dimming and brightening the lights in rooms in accordance with entering sunlight to keep a constant lighting level.

Amir Choudhury, CEO: [email protected] is a fitness-inspired live streaming platform that empowers trainers, instructors and individuals to create content centered around an active lifestyle.

Eakrum Awwal, CEO: [email protected]


ProRas Pharma

ProRas logo

Alvin Stern, CEO: [email protected]



Ribbit is building a mobile web platform for crowdsourced information to help users easily find local sustainable businesses. 

Matt Cristaldi, CEO: [email protected] 



RoadPower Systems offers energy generation systems that transform power from vehicles in motion on roadways into grid-grade electricity.

RoadPower logo

Ryan McIntosh, CEO: [email protected]



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