The following opportunities are open to aspiring Stevens entrepreneurs:

Please note: The opportunities described below are provided as a service to facilitate introductions between Stevens students and companies offering opportunities. Neither Stevens nor the Venture Center endorse or recommend any such opportunity or company.    Any decision to enter into an employment, internship or other relationship with any company rests solely with the individual student, and all matters relating to such relationship are solely between the individual student and company.

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DexterityDB Seeking Software Developer to Join the Team

DexterityDB is looking for a quick learning and highly motivated individual to join our Software Development team. This means the individual will have a major role in influencing the future of DexterityDB and will also receive stock options.  The bulk of work to be done will be coding and software development, including Software architecture and implementation.

Requirements/description for this position are:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit (we are a startup!)
  • Individual who has experience with low-level systems programming. This means any combination of experience in the following programming languages: oC/C++, oD, oGo, oSwift, oRust, oetc.
  • Individual who is comfortable with consistent writing of custom data structures and algorithms.
  • Individuals should be able to use multiple programming languages within a single project (possible experience with Foreign Functional Interfaces (FFI) preferred, but not required).
  • Individuals will likely have to create and modify software architectures.

The individual placed in this role will be able to do meaningful work in our product-line by working closely with our main engineers/founders.

If interested, please contact Alex Sabella at [email protected]

NovaFit Seeks Highly Motivated Engineer

NovaFit is a fitness company focused on designing ergonomic, aesthetic, and performance-based training equipment for commercial health clubs.  The founders are two Stevens alumni with a true passion for health and fitness.  Our company is built around the idea of keeping people healthy and promotoing longevity.  We accomplish this by building innovative fitness equipment that works with you, not against you.  We identified a gap in the market and are focused on building fitness equipment that is engineered to work as an extension of the body.

NovaFit is founded on the idea of simultaneously advancing people's health while preventing injury.  Our goal through our product design is to train smarter and get results that were previously unattainable with conventional equipment.  A simple metaphor that eloquently reinforces our mission is:  "Would you run a marathon in a pair of Converse sneakers?"  We wouldn't either.  NovaFit is a tailored solution for every individual.

What We Are Looking For:  We are looking for an ambitious, highly motivated engineer who is highly proficient in SolidWorks.  We want someone who is a "thinker" and has the ability to advance our designs through analysis, decision-making, and critical thinking.  Our ideal candidate is someone who has an athletic background, therefore using their own real world experiences to advance our product line.  If this opportunity sounds exciting and you are looking to be part of a quickly expanding startup, reach out to us!

If You Are Interested: Email [email protected] with a resume and your statement on why you should be selected to be part of our team.

SVC Company - Stakd - Seeks CTO/Full Stack Engineer

Company Description

At Stakd, we are building an essential financial product for consumers, blending social engineering with modern technology.  As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), you'll be the technological backbone, leveraging our resource stack to strategically build the first direct person-to-person (P2P) lending app.  Exciting, right?  This position is for a technical leader, a visionary and integral partner, that will take our budding startup to the next level and ultimately serve the $100 billion friend and family loan market.

Things You'll Do as CTO At Stakd

  • Constructing and maintaining a cross-platform mobile app in production

  • Building a system using payment processing and bank authentication APIs

  • Scaling the backend architecture and codebase to support growth

  • Help triage bugs, track software defects, and ensure their timely resolution

  • Plan an appropriate timeline of future work as a product backlog, sized appropriately, with proper issue type, descriptions, etc.

  • Have the ability to grow the technology organization from scratch

Our Technology Stack

  • Ionic 3 Framework

  • Apache Cordova

  • Angular 2+

  • JavaScript/TypeScript


  • Firebase

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Bitbucket (Git)

  • JIRA Product Management


  • 4+ years experience in software development

  • Proficiency and/or expertise in Angular 2+

  • Experience building hybrid apps with Ionic 3 and Apache Cordova

  • Proficiency and/or expertise in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Proficienty and/or expertise in Firebase and Google Cloud Platform

  • Experience with agile software development

  • Experience with version control system .git

  • Experience with error logging and performance tools


  • You learn quickly and have something to teach others.  We're always learning: from one another, from our industry, from reading, etc.

  • You give and take feedback well on both people and products.  We're a direct bunch and love to move fast, which means making quick decisions with all of the information needed to make the best choice.

  • You take pride in owning projects.  We're not micro-managers here.  We hire smart people and trust them to deliver high quality results.

Things We Love About Working Here

  • We work with a diverse team in a fast-growing startup

  • We solve problems that affect everyone you know

  • Flexible and remote work schedule and unlimited vacation

  • If offices are your thing, you can leverage our coworking spaces in Hoboken or Boston

Things We Put Up With

  • Shlomi's private stories about lending money

  • Dealing with poorly structured personal loans

  • Odd edge cases in cross-platform mobile development

  • Adam's love for Gary Vayerchuk


Computer software, internet, financial services

Employment Type

Full-time or contract


Salary and equity


If you've got the chops, reach us at [email protected]

Cleantech Startup Looking for Engineering Expertise

Cleantech startup looking for engineering expertise, both on the electrical and mechanical side with fundamental knowledge and experience with:

  • For Mechanical -  Flywheel energy storage & design; power transmission and gear ratios; mechanical dynamics/kinematics; System Modeler (program)

  • For Electrical - Electrical power generation & power systems engineering; grid interconnection of cleantech systems; IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 spec knowledge (related to grid tied power generation systems).

If interested, contact [email protected]

Creation Crate Seeks an Entrepreneurially Minded Student

Creation Crate is looking furially-minded student who wants to learn how to create an online business through Instagram!  Our account has over 90K followers and we are looking for someone who is interested in learning how to manage influencers, create landing pages, learn how to automate social media postings, and create blog posts.  The skills you will learn will empower you to be able to create your own business through social media.  This internship is unpaid to start but we are looking to hire someone full time upon graduation (May 2018).  

If interested, contact [email protected] 

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