The Stevens Venture Center (SVC) is an innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem with two objectives: to educate Stevens Institute of Technology students in modern entrepreneurial thinking; and to provide students and faculty with opportunities to explore the commercialization of their science and technology ideas. The SVC is designed to connect Stevens entrepreneurs with infrastructure, resources and funding assistance so they can develop sustainable and successful commercial enterprises based on either Stevens-derived or individually conceived technologies. 

Organization and Staff

In its 2015 report on the status of entrepreneurship in New Jersey, the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee concluded that one of the keys to successful business incubation is the presence of capable staff that provides guidance and support. Similarly, a report on the success factors for business incubators sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration found that competent dedicated staff is one of the key factors for strong performance of incubators and the success of their members. 

The Stevens Venture Center is organized as a unit under the Stevens Institute of Technology Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. A staff with relevant academic, technical, entrepreneurial and business management experience provides support to SVC members.

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