Organized by the Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI), the AIRS Fellowship Program empowers selected Stevens undergraduates to embark on an exciting research journey on a topic of their choice.

The SIAI's 2021 AIRS Fellowship Program

Humans and AI: An Evolving Partnership

The theme for the 2021 AIRS program was "Humans and AI: An Evolving Partnership". AI is already having an impact across myriad aspects of society, from mobility to healthcare, from education to finance, and more. In many of these scenarios, we find humans at the center: humans getting from place to place, humans striving toward wellness, humans teaching, humans learning, etc. As a scholarly community, we are now beginning to ask questions like, “How should AI augment human capabilities?” rather than, “When will AI replace humans?” This relationship between humans and AI is evolving. Selected projects in the 2021 AIRS program targeted questions under this theme to better understand and enhance the relationship between humans and AI.

The AIRS Fellowship Program solicits independent undergraduate research project proposals from Stevens Undergraduates.

Due to recent changes in the institute, the AIRS Fellowship Program will not be offered for Summer 2022.  We look forward to launching more opportunities through the SIAI during the 2022-2023 academic year, so please watch your emails and the website for updates.