MicroDevice Lab - People



Research Topic

Ammar Yashaa

Magnetorheological fluid/elastomer

Anthony Palumbo

Tunable wetting on smart polymers

Amir Mirbeik Sabzevari


Chao Sui

 Tissue/organ-on-chip and immunotherapy 

Deep Parikh

 The effect of photochemical properties of extracellular matrix on breast cancer development

Elham Easy

 Study of microstructure of additive manufacturing devices  

Greg Hader

Nano-sheet resonators

Guitao Zhang

PZT nanofiber characterization and applications

Javid Akhavan Taheri Boroujeni


Kai Zong


Ke Xu


Kaustubh Asawa

Interference lithography for azo-polymer 

Kyungnam Kang

2-D materials

Matthew Mayer


Mengqi Fang


Padmalatha Kakanuru

 Additively manufactured porous SiC ceramic structures with tough silica skin

Robert Bauer

 Non-Invasive Recording of Action Potentials in Networks of Neural Cells

Roopa Jagadish

 Parametric study and data processing toward optimization of flexible pressure sensor

Shichen Fu

2-D materials

Wu Di


Xiangzhi Li

Plasmonic nano array structure

Xiaoqing Kong

Layer-by-layer self-assembly metallopolymers

Yi Yang


Yiwen Xi

Nanofabrication on Si and polymers surfaces

Youmna Mahmoud