The Maritime Systems Seminar Series is delivered in collaboration with Stevens Institute of Technology. The seminar series includes lectures by Maritime Security Center researchers and leading experts and practitioners in homeland security.  The seminar series is designed to engage a broad audience of faculty, students, industry and government stakeholders, and the general public in relevant and timely topics in the maritime and homeland security domain.

2016 Seminar Schedule and Presentations


Faculty/Guest LecturerSeminar Date/TIME
Hasan Shahid, Logistics Management Institute Financial Considerations for Establishing New Vessel Traffic Services in Major U.S. Ports December 13, 2016 
3pm to 4pm
Babbio Room 607
Eduardo Martinez, Security & Global Studies, American Military University Cybersecurity Policy and Ethics October 21, 2016
4pm to 5pm
Babbio Room 607

Helen Hull-Sanders, Stevens Institute of Technology Invasive Species and Border Security October 6, 2016
Tyler Mackanin, DHS CDG Maritime Security Fellow USCG's Role in the Changing Arctic Region  September 15, 2016 

MG Prasad, Stevens Institute of Technoogy Topics in Environmental Acoustics and Urban Noise July 6, 2016
Frank Vesce, Goldman Sachs Core Practices and Processes in Cybersecurity June 30, 2016
Frank Hooten, Texas Military Department AMU-Maritime Cybersecurity Project June 17, 2016
Jeffrey Milstein, Moran Shipping Maritime Stakeholders and the Role of the Port Agent in Maritime Operations June 12, 2016
Mr. Michael H. Cole, NYPD - Information Technology Bureau Cyber is Computers
February 10, 2016

Kate Belmont, Blank Rome LLC

 Maritime Cybersecurity: Anticipating, preventing and mitigating a growing threat
Additional articles prepared by Kate Belmont can be downloaded here.
December 10, 2015

2015 Seminar Presentations

Faculty/Guest LecturerSeminarDate
Ms. Kate B. Belmont, Senior Associate, Blank Rome LLC Maritime Cybersecurity: Anticipating, preventing and mitigating
a growing threat.
Dr. Phillip Vital, Director of Ocean Engineering, Naval Engineering Facilities Command Security of Undersea Cabling 06.18.2015
Dr. Charles “Gus” Potter, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Labs Domain Awareness for Radiological and Nuclear Security 06.16.2015
Mr. David Warrington, Port Authority of NY and NJ  Risk Assessment and Risk Management in the Decision-making Process 06.12.2015
Dr. Brendan Englot, Associate Professor, Stevens Institute  Unmanned Systems Research with Maritime Security Applications
(click the link to review the presentation slides)
Mr. Chris Francis, Research Engineer, Stevens Institute of Technology Testing and Evaluating Layered Technologies for Harbor Security 06.10.2015
Dr. Margo Edwards, Senior Research Scientist, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology Chemical Legacy: Techniques and Results of Deep-Water Sea-Disposed Munitions Assessment
(click the link to review the presentation slides)

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