Dragos Bozdog presents a lesson in financial engineering to students in the Hanlon Lab.
The Hanlon Lab allows faculty to present high-tech lessons in finance and data analysis to Stevens students.

The jewel of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center is a state-of-the-art lab facility that gives faculty and students the ability to access and analyze a vast array of financial and economic data, apply analytical methods, conduct interactive trading simulations, and develop contemporary financial models. The structure and schedule of the Hanlon Financial Systems Lab is tied to courses and research projects in several disciplines, including finance engineering, quantitative methods, systems security engineering, software engineering, cybersecurity and computer science.


The lab gives faculty and students access to the same market data, analysis and news available to professional traders. In addition, the center provides advanced learning for students at all levels: undergraduate, graduate, MBA, Ph.D., and executive education. Among the tools available through the lab:

  • State-of-the-art trading room.
  • Advanced financial research and training facility.
  • Software engineering lab.
  • Cybersecurity testing facility.

Each of the workstations in the Hanlon Lab are equipped with powerful computers and the software needed for simulated trading, deal capture, settlement, analytics, pricing, portfolio management, derivatives pricing and other finance-related challenges. Televisions offer access to live coverage of CNBC, CNN, and other financial and news networks. Real-time tickers and stock boards immerse students in important financial information. Bloomberg terminals round-out a robust offering of data and live information.

Lab services and technology

The Hanlon Lab offers students and faculty access to real-time data feeds from leading providers of financial information, such as Bloomberg, RealTick, Thomson Reuters and Gain Capital. Software providers and partners include Decide-FS, Tripwire, Redseal and Fortify. In addition, the classroom is equipped with the following tools.