The Center for Quantum Science and Engineering (CQSE) is a vibrant hub for interdisciplinary students, scholars, and faculty, where innovative quantum engineering research, development, and education are inspired and facilitated through coordinated collaboration and interaction with governmental and industrial sectors to bring quantum solutions to all corners of society.

“Just as digital electronic devices have transformed our society, quantum photonics will advance science and technology in prodigious ways.”

Dr. Yuping Huang, assistant professor of physics and director of the CQSE

Harnessing the ‘magic’ of quantum mechanics, quantum technologies offer evolutionary information capabilities and speed unmatched by techniques based on classical means.

Thanks to the dedicated worldwide effort of scientists and support from government and industry, there has been notable theoretical and experimental progress in demonstrating a wide range of quantum-enabled, or quantum-enhanced technologies, particularly those exploiting the quantum-mechanical nature of photons, and their potential in a wealth of application areas. Overcoming this challenge requires major breakthroughs in both engineering and basic science.

CQSE researcher working in the lab.

To this end, significant challenges must be overcome in developing quantum devices and systems that satisfy the following practical criteria:

  • Scalability
  • Resiliency
  • Room Temperature
  • Mass Production
  • Networkability

Areas of Research

At the CQSE, more than 40 researchers are working collaboratively in key areas for innovative quantum science and engineering:

The CQSE at Stevens

The CQSE includes five interdisciplinary units working together towards rapid advancements in quantum computing.

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