Select Publications

"Generalized coherent states, reproducing kernels, and quantum support vector machines," Rupak Chatterjee and Ting Yu, Journal Quantum Information & Computation 17, 1292 (2017). 

"Direct Generation and Detection of Quantum Correlated Photons Four Octaves Apart," Y. M. Sua, H. Fan, A. Shahverdi, J.-Y. Chen, and Y.-P. Huang,  Scientific Reports 7, 17494 (2017)

"Observation of Quantum Zeno blockade on Chip," J.-Y. Chen, Y. M. Sua, Z.-T. Zhao, M. Li, and Y.-P. Huang,  Scientific Reports 7, 14831 (2017)

"Quantum Parametric Mode Sorting: Beating the Time-Frequency Filtering," A. Shahverdi, Y. M. Sua, L. Tumeh, and Y.-P. Huang,  Scientific Reports 7 6495 (2017)

"Near-unity quantum yield from carbon nanotube excitons coupled to plasmonic nanocavities”, Y. Luo, E.D. Ahmadi, K. Shayan, Y. Ma, K. Mistry, C. Zhang, J. Hone, J.L. Blackburn, and S. Strauf, Nature Communications 8, 1413 (2017).

"Low Temperature Single Carbon Nanotube Spectroscopy of sp3 Quantum Defects", X. He, B. Gifford, N. F. Hartmann, R. Ihly, X. Ma, S. Kilina, Y. Luo, K. Shayan, S. Strauf, J.L. Blackburn, S. Tretiak, S.K. Doorn, and H. Htoon, ACS Nano, Sep.28 (2017), DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b03022

“Non-magnetic quantum emitters in boron nitride with ultra-narrow and sideband-free emission spectra”, X. Li, G.D. Shepard, A. Cupo, N. Camporeale, K. Shayan, Y. Luo, V. Meunier, and S. Strauf, ACS Nano 11, 6652 (2017), doi:10.1021/acsnano.7b00638

“Nanobubble induced formation of quantum emitters in monolayer semiconductors”, G.D. Shepard, O.A. Ajayi, X. Li, X.-Y. Zhu, and J. Hone, S. Strauf, 2D Materials 4, 021019 (2017), doi:10.1088/2053-1583/aa629d.

"Feshbach P− Q partitioning technique and the two-component Dirac equation"

DW Luo, PV Pyshkin, T Yu, HQ Lin, JQ You, LA Wu
Physical Review A 94 (3), 032111 (2016)

“Tunable multipole resonances in plasmonic crystals made by four-beam holographic lithography“, Y Luo, X Li, X Zhang, S Prybolsky, GD Shepard, S Strauf, Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 053105 (2016).

“Strong Acoustic Phonon Localization in Copolymer-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes”,
I. Sarpkaya, Ehsaneh D. Ahmadi, Gabriella D. Shepard, Kevin S. Mistry, Jeffrey L. Blackburn, and S. Strauf, ACS Nano 9, 6383 (2015).

K. Kang, K. Godin, Y. D. Kim, S. Fu, W. Jang, J. Hone and E. H. Yang “Graphene-Assisted Anti-Oxidation of Tungsten Disulfide Monolayers: Substrate and Electric Field Effect,” Advanced Materials, (2016)

J. Ding, F. T. Fisher, and E. H. Yang, “Direct Transfer of Corrugated Graphene Sheets for Stretchable Electrodes,” Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 5(34), 2166 (2016)

K. Godin, K. Kang, S. Fu and E. H. Yang, “Increased Monolayer Domain Size and Patterned Growth of Tungsten Disulfides through Controlling Surface Energy of Substrates,” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 49, 325304 (2016)

"Harmonic spectral modulation of an optical frequency comb to control the ultracold molecules formation," SA Malinovskaya, G Liu, Chemical Physics Letters 664, 1 (2016)

S. Shi, A. Thomas, N. V. Corzo, P. Kumar Y.-P. Huang, and K. F. Lee, “Broadband
photon pair generation in green fluorescent proteins through spontaneous four-wave
mixing," Nature Scientific Report 6 24344 (2016)

"Quantum feedback control for qubit-qutrit entanglement"
T Ma, J Jing, Y Guo, T Yu
Quantum Information & Computation 16, 0597 (2016)

P. Manurkar, N. Jain, M. Silver, Y.-P. Huang, C. Langrock, M. M. Fejer, P. Kumar, and
G. S. Kanter, “Multidimensional mode-separable frequency conversion for high-speed
quantum communication," Optica 3 1300 (2016)

"Nonperturbative leakage elimination operators and control of a three-level system"
J Jing, LA Wu, M Byrd, JQ You, T Yu, ZM Wang
Physical review letters 114 (19), 190502 (2015)

A. S. Kowligy, P. Manurkar,* N. V. Corzo, V. G. Velev, M. Silver, R. P. Scott, S. J. B.
Yoo, P. Kumar, G. S. Kanter and Y. -P. Huang, “Quantum optical arbitrary waveform
manipulation and measurement in real time," Opt. Express 22, 27942 (2014).

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