The Center for Distributed Quantum Computing (CDQC) at Stevens Institute of Technology develops new theoretical and experimental grounds with the goal of bringing quantum computing into reality.


The CDQC will contribute as a national leading force in developing and industrializing advanced photonic technology with quantum supremacy.

In doing so, the CDQC will:

  • Catalyze high synergy among researchers from disparate background to study the fundamental aspects and technology transition of quantum photonics
  • Promote applications of quantum technology in big data, defense, biomedics, and communications
  • Build a quantum-smart campus at Stevens where the next-generation information processing techniques are conceived, demonstrated, tested, and transferred to industry
  • Educate the young generation on the quantum photonic technology

The CQDC will become a vibrant hub for interdisciplinary quantum engineering open to all students, scholars, and faculty.

About the CDQC

The Center for Distributed Quantum Computing (CDQC) takes a cross-discplinary approach to developing quantum computers that satisfy practical criteria. At Stevens, the CDQC conducts research in reduced-dimensional materials, nanophotonics, cybersecurity, quantum control and ultrafast optics.

Led by Dr. Yuping Huang, Assistant Professor of Physics and Director of the CDQC, more than 40 faculty, postdoctoral and student researchers from 10 research groups in five interdisciplinary units at Stevens contribute to significant developments in quantum computing, which include contributions from industrial and academic partners.

Yuping Huang
Dr. Yuping Huang, assistant professor of physics and director of the CDQC.


The CDQC at Stevens

The CDQC includes five interdisciplinary units working together towards rapid advancements in quantum computing.

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The Center for Distributed Quantum Computing (CDQC)

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