​Research in CCSE is remarkable for its quality and innovation, and its breadth and depth. Our faculty conduct and direct interdisciplinary and collaborative research programs in the Center's four main focus areas - healthcare delivery, financial systems, urban resilience and national security.

Mark Blackburn, Ph.D.Mark Blackburn, Ph.D. - Research

Stephen Hoffenson, Ph.D.Stephen Hoffenson, Ph.D. - Research

Mo Mansouri, Ph.D.Mo Mansouri, Ph.D. - Research

Somayeh Moazeni, Ph.D.Somayeh Moazeni, Ph.D. - Research

Roshanak Nilchiani, Ph.D.Roshanak Nilchiani, Ph.D. - Research

Michael Pennock, Ph.D.Michael Pennock, Ph.D. - Research

Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez, Ph.D.Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez, Ph.D. - Research

William Rouse, Ph.D.William Rouse, Ph.D. - Research

Steve Yang, Ph.D.Steve Yang, Ph.D. - Research

Ye Yang, Ph.D.Ye Yang, Ph.D. - Research