Stevens' CyberCorps® Scholarship For Service (SFS) is a unique program designed to increase and strengthen the cadre of information assurance professionals that protect the government's critical information infrastructure. The SFS program provides funding for colleges and universities to offer generous cybersecurity scholarships to students, in exchange for service in the government.

Today, there are more than 70 SFS programs across the nation. The Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS program awarded its first scholarships in 2008. Graduates from the Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS have pursued internship and final placements in various government agencies and labs, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Reserve Bank, Sandia National Labs, MIT Lincoln Labs, and the National Security Agency.

The Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS program awards scholarships for up to three years (on the bachelor and master levels) covering full tuition and providing a stipend. The scholarships are funded through a grant awarded by the National Science Foundation.

Stevens Specific Program Activities

Each semester, CyberCorps® SFS students at Stevens are required to participate in a dedicated course which was developed specifically for the Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS program. The purpose of the course is to supplement the scholar’s degree-specific cybersecurity education and to enhance the Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS experience. Elements of the course include:

  • Technical seminars and guest speakers
  • Resume-writing workshops
  • Mock technical interviews
  • Workshop in Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Cybersecurity
  • Workshop in Basics of Managing Software Projects
  • Workshop in Personal Time Management
  • Workshop in Leadership
  • Field trips (e.g. AT&T's Global Network Operations Center or SANS CyberCity)

Program Obligations

In addition to the requirements imposed on all CyberCorps® SFS scholars nationwide, all CyberCorps® SFS scholars at Stevens:

  • Must be full-time, on-campus students in a cybersecurity-focused degree program.
  • Must complete monthly reports detailing progress in courses, status of job applications, any extracurricular activities, attended cybersecurity-related events/talks, and any other information related to scholarship activities.
  • Must attend the weekly meetings of the Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS-only course and participate in other events, as required.
  • Must maintain good academic standing as defined in the Stevens agreement.
  • May not accept any employment without prior written permission from the PIs of the Stevens' CyberCorps® SFS program.

Scholarship Benefits 

  • Stipend: 
    • $22,500 - undergraduate students
    • $34,000 - graduate students
  • Stipends are for the nine-month period of the academic year and are paid out on a monthly basis (September-May).
  • The scholarship covers full tuition and fees.
  • The scholarship also includes an allowance for health insurance, books, and professional development.

Contact Information

At Stevens: [email protected]


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Gateway South 331

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