I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program

The I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program at Stevens Institute of Technology is a one-year program with the potential for an additional one-year extension, starting in the fall semester of the academic year. The program covers tuition and offers a stipend (excluding tuition fees), with the aim to promote research into relevant problems that have broad societal, technological, and scientific impact.  The I&E Fellowship Program recruits highly motivated doctoral candidates who have strong scientific and technical backgrounds, and who have entrepreneurial aspirations.

I&E Doctoral Fellow Rebecca Chung
I&E Fellow, Rebecca Chung, biomedical engineering.

Candidates who participate in the program increase their likelihood of leading transformational changes and discovery through science-driven, disruptive technology development. As a result of their research, I&E Fellows promote entrepreneurship and significantly contribute to advancing the state of the art in their respective fields.

For more information about the I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program, contact Mary Ann Piazza, Executive Portfolio Manager, [email protected].

To view details about this year's Fellows, please access the list below.

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