I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program

The I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program at Stevens Institute of Technology is a one-year program with the potential for an additional one-year extension, starting in the fall semester of the academic year. The program covers tuition and offers a stipend (excluding tuition fees), with the aim to promote research into relevant problems that have broad societal, technological, and scientific impact.  The I&E Fellowship Program recruits highly motivated doctoral candidates who have strong scientific and technical backgrounds, and who have entrepreneurial aspirations.

Candidates who participate in the program increase their likelihood of leading transformational changes and discovery through science-driven, disruptive technology development. As a result of their research, I&E Fellows promote entrepreneurship and significantly contribute to advancing the state of the art in their respective fields.

For more information about the I&E Doctoral Fellowship Program, contact Mary Ann Piazza, Executive Portfolio Manager, [email protected].

Details about this year's Fellows appear below.

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