Stevens is a global leader in systems design and integration techniques that enable a more informed, more intelligent and more responsive world.

Complex systems, such as healthcare delivery, transportation, and urban infrastructures are laced with behavioral and social phenomena: values, norms, precedents and vested interests. Complexity in these systems compromises the ability to predict their behaviors and to establish the causality of behaviors.

Stevens pursues increased understanding of these complex systems, improving their operations and adding to the value delivered to our constituencies. The performance, safety, security and economics of systems involve the interplay between humans and machines, including the ability to foster learning new systems. Our faculty employ models, simulations and interactive visualizations to construct policy simulators that enable key stakeholders to explore the complexity of their domains, assess the consequences of various scenarios and work with multi-disciplinary teams to analyze systemic policies, evaluate underlying assumptions, entertain alternative decisions and reach well-informed conclusions.

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