Founded by inventors with a deep appreciation for the liberal arts, Stevens has always blended expertise in science and technology with aesthetic sensibilities and concern for social progress. Within our College of Arts and Letters (CAL), as well as in collaboration with Stevens' three schools, we continuously explore the fascinating intersections of technology, culture, politics and the arts:

  • Stevens' leading-edge music facilities, including the Sound Synthesis Research Center and the Electroacoustic Lab, provide dedicated research space to explore topics at the intersection of music and technology.
  • Stevens Visual Arts & Technology faculty bring international reputations in data visualization, game design, creative programming, augmented reality and 3D animation and modeling.
  • The university's Center for Science Writings brings best-selling authors to campus for public lectures on topics such as neuroscience, cyberwar and global climate change.
  • National media seek out Stevens social scientists to discuss their research on the psychology of political advertising, public perceptions of health epidemics, the ethics of big data and disruptions caused by the Internet, among other topics.
  • We are international leaders in research on the history of technology through both the IEEE History Center at Stevens and our CAL faculty experts in the history of nuclear weapons, of computing, of automobiles and of government regulation and secrecy.
  • Stevens faculty collaborate with students to create and maintain unique digital tools that analyze political communications from members of Congress and simulate nuclear detonations and their consequences.

Please consult these pages to learn more about our innovative research in technology, politics, culture, music and the visual arts.