As the $3 trillion U.S. medical segment continues to grow explosively, there is ever-more-urgent need for focused research to solve pressing matters and challenges in a wide range of fields, from operations to pharmaceuticals to molecular biology.

That's why healthcare and biomedical research is a major new thrust at Stevens.

Logo for Center for Healthcare InnovationThrough our interdisciplinary Center for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), Stevens is working actively in several key research areas toward the future benefit of patients worldwide, including work in:

  • Computational drug discovery
  • Intelligent management of healthcare systems
  • Intelligent analysis of the firehose of bioinformatics and other data now being produced by new generations of medical sensors
  • Skilled design of more intelligent, more effective medical devices and sensors
  • Re-engineering and enhancement of the hospital environment
  • Research into biomaterials that may repel dangerous infections from transplants, implants and devices
  • New therapies and research models for devastating cancers
  • Experimental new types of anesthesia and artificial-heart batteries
  • And a wide array of mobile and telemedicine applications for healthcare

Funding & Collaborators

National Institutes of Health (NIH)

National Science Foundation (NSF)




Hackensack University Medical Center

Columbia University

Seton Hall University

Georgetown University