Energy efficiency and climate change are critical issues locally, regionally and globally. Responsive research will be crucial to understanding and ameliorate these issues.

Stevens researchers are at forefront of this effort, working to quantify and forecast the effects of climate change and storm surges with collaborators including NASA, the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey and the New York City Mayor's Office. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Three-time successful participation in the U.S. Department of Energy's U.S. Solar Decathlon, for which student teams designed and constructed net-zero energy solar homes
  • Research toward better planning and design of wind-energy farms
  • On-site research to improve water-treatment systems in Bangladesh that may help save lives
  • A number of innovative new 'green 'technologies for generating energy both on nanoscales, including one that promises to use water as fuel, and on larger scales that will produce far less waste and far fewer hazardous byproducts