Stevens builds a safer, more informed, more intelligent and more responsive world.

Increasingly, solutions to societal challenges involve the analysis and modeling of extremely complex systems such as weather, the hydrodynamics of oceans and rivers, global financial markets, urban emergency response systems, healthcare delivery systems and national security infrastructure. Stevens has created a dedicated center, the Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises (CCSE), devoted to the study and visualization of these systems.

Cyber-terror and hacking are also threats that impact financial markets, consumers and national security daily. We innovate leading-edge technology and education in cybersecurity, supported by national agencies and in collaboration with fellow institutions

We also develop innovative network technologies such as a new type of wireless router ideal for emergency and battlefield communications and for developing nations where Internet technology is not yet built out.


University of Pennsylvania

National Science Foundation (NSF)

Rutgers University

Florida State University

National Security Agency (NSA)

University of Southern California

University of Pretoria