The financial industry is changing at light speed, and technology now plays a crucial central role in investment strategy, trading and financial regulation.

Stevens possess the expertise required of this fast-paced new world. Just one mile from Manhattan, Stevens was the first university to educate undergraduates in quantitative finance and among the first to train graduate students in financial engineering. We retain close connections to Wall Street.

Student at the Hanlon Financial Systems Center

Fueled by the state-of-the-art Hanlon Financial Systems Center and in close collaboration with industry leaders, our research in finance is leading the way toward a better understanding of global markets. We are a global leader in research on high-frequency trading (HFT). Our research and recommendations have been shared with Congress as it considers new rulemaking and legal prescriptions for high-speed algorithmic trades.

We investigate timely financial topics such as asset pricing; volatility; leadership development; and the role of social networks in predicting earnings calls and price moves.

Stevens also produces an annual business-research digest and will launch, in 2016, the world's first journal of quantitative finance.



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