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60.5.5 Purchase Card (P-Card) Process

Application process

  1. P-Card Member completes Application
  2. Department Head or Dean approves Application
  3. Application is sent to the P-Card Administrator to process
  4. P-Card Administrator processes the application and trains the P-Card Member
  5. P-Card member receives P-Card in 3 working days

Usage and Reconciliation Process

  1. P-Card Member uses the P-Card for purchases
  2. P-Card Member receives the purchased item
    1. If the item is in not received in good order, P-Card Member contacts the Vendor and advises P-Card Administrator
  3. P-Card Member receives Monthly Statement
    1. If there is a dispute on the Monthly Statement, P-Card Member contacts the Vendor & AMEX and advises the P-Card Administrator
  4. P-Card Member sends approved Monthly Statement with original receipts to P-Card Administrator
  5. P-Card Administrator keeps receipts on file and advises Accounting of any discrepancies

Change in $ Limit Process

  1. P-Card member identifies a P-Card application that requires a change in $ Limit
  2. Department Head or Dean approves change in $ limit
  3. A written request, approved by the Department Head or Dean, is sent ot the Director of Procurement
  4. The request is reviewed and, if accepted by Finance, approved
  5. The $ Limit is changed