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20.11  Policy on Academic Freedom

Experience of the academic world indicates the desirability of reducing to writing the principles and policies relating to on-campus expressions of opinions or demonstrations. The following are set forth in the interest of ensuring due consideration of the privileges and obligations of all members of the Stevens community - undergraduate, graduate, faculty and staff:

20.11.1  Responsibility for the administration of these principles and policies.lies with the President, or his designated representative

20.11.2  Stevens Institute of Technology's central functions of teaching, learning, research, and scholarship depend upon an atmosphere in which freedom of inquiry, thought, expression, publication, and peaceable assembly are given the fullest protection. Expression of the widest range of viewpoints is encouraged, free from institutional orthodoxy and from internal or external coercion. This freedom, however, must be exercised within the restraint that freedom of any one individual must not intrude upon or limit the freedom of others. Coercion in any form is not acceptable.

20.11.3  Full and open communication of points of view is welcome. For this reason there exist many channels and many forums on campus. All members of Stevens community are expected to use these established channels to promote ideas, air grievances, and effect changes.

20.11.4  Requests by student organizations or individual students for the use of Stevens property must go through the Student Government Administration for approval. Similar requests from faculty or staff members are to be sent directly to the Stevens Center office with the approval of the appropriate department head.

20.11.5  If an incident arises in violation of the above stated principles and policies those participating will be asked to cease and desist their actions, or leave the premises. Upon their failure to comply with the request, the Institute will use appropriate disciplinary actions including the full resources of the civil authorities to effect such compliance.Any member of the Stevens community, student, faculty, or staff involved in a civil or criminal proceeding resulting from participation in a demonstration or incident on campus may, after due process, be subject to disciplinary action on the part of the Institute to include such serious consequences as suspension or dismissal. Established appeal procedures will apply.

20.11.6  Non-members of the Stevens community participating in a proscribed demonstration or incident on campus will be considered trespassers and treated accordingly.

20.11.7  Nothing contained in the above policy and procedures is intended or shall be construed to limit or restrict the right of freedom of speech or peaceful assembly by any member of Stevens community.

20.11.8  The holding of an appointment at Stevens Institute of Technology should in no way affect a faculty member's rights assured by the Constitution of the United States. Research Proposals,