Office of Academic Communications & Assessment: Institutional Elements

Institutional Elements


Stevens is recognized as a premier technological university noted for its distinctive educational and research programs and the impact it has on issues of national and global significance.

Mission Statement:

Stevens Institute of Technology creates new knowledge and educates and inspires students to acquire the competencies needed to lead in scientific discovery and in the creation, application, and management of technology to solve complex problems and to build new enterprises.

Institute Goals & Objectives

Educational Assessment bear primarily on the following core goals of the Stevens Institute Mission Statement:

  • CG 1 - Broad-based, multidisciplinary learning
  • CG 2 - Personal development
  • CG 4 - Technogenesis environment

The following strategic improvement objectives are also part of the Educational Assessment process:

  • SG 3d - Insdustry/government involvement in the student learning experience
  • SG 4a - Advanced teaching approaches
  • SG 4c - Advanced educational technology
  • SG 4d - Connections between the classroom and the "real world"
  • SG 4e - Assess student learning  

Key Elements of Assessment & Evaluations

  • Learning Outcomes
    • Written Plans
    • Direct vs. Indirect Assessment
    • Evaluation
  • Closing-the-loop - Faculty are surveyed regarding the semester results. This ensures continuous improvement in the academic offerings of Stevens. Faculty are asked:
    • Course changes made and success/failure of those changes.
    • Course goals (outcomes) that were not achieved.
    • Improvements the faculty plan to make for the course.
    • Changes the faculty would like to see in the assessment process.
  • Use in Institutional Planning  

Assessment & Evaluation

Assessment Survey Types

  • End of semester course survey
  • Mid-term course survey
  • Co-op survey (Student & Employer)
  • General survey
  • Alumni survey
  • Employer survey

Assessment of Program Outcomes

  • Direct assessment at course level (SPAD form)
  • Indirect assessment at course level (ACE survey of learning outcomes)
  • EBI senior exit survey