Patent Number: 6919029
Title: Methods of preparing a surface-activated titanium oxide product and of using same in water treatment systems
Inventors: Xiaoguang Meng, Mazakhir Dadachov, George P. Korfiatis, Christos Christodoulatos
Abstract: A method for producing a surface-activated crystalline titanium oxide product having a high adsorptive capacity and a high rate of adsorption with respect to dissolved contaminants includes the steps of preparing a titanium oxide precipitate from a mixture comprising a hydrolysable titanium compound and heating the precipitate at a temperature of less than 300 C., without calcining the precipitate. Preferably, the titanium oxide product includes crystalline anatase having primary crystallite diameters in the range of 1-30 nm. The surface-activated crystalline titanium oxide product is used in methods to remove dissolved inorganic contaminants from dilute aqueous streams by suspending the product in an aqueous stream or by filtering an aqueous stream through a bed of the product. In another method, a hydrolysable titanium compound is added to an aqueous stream so that titanium oxides form as a co-precipitate with dissolved contaminants within a bed of particulate material.
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