Patent Number: 6036602
Title: Concurrent engineering design tool and method
Inventors: Donald H. Sebastian, Steven Pratt, Sivakumar Muthuswamy, David Kniep, Souran Manoochehri, Scott Kolodzieski
Abstract: A computer-based engineering design system to design a part, a tool to make the part, and the process to make the part. The design system has a processor and a memory. The memory stores feature templates, each feature template being a representation of a primitive object having a form and a function. Each feature template is indexed by the function of the primitive object and includes a representation of a primitive geometric entity having the form of the primitive object. Each feature template can include information relating to a tool to make the primitive object and a process to make the primitive object. The design system also includes an input device for receiving a request to design the part. This request includes one or more predetermined functions that the part performs. A core design module, executable by the processor, designs the part, the tool to make the part and process to make the part by accessing the plurality of feature templates in the memory to locate one or more primitive objects that perform the one or more predetermined functions.
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