Patent Number: 5365115
Title:  Method and apparatus for mitigation of magnetic fields from low frequency magnetic field sources
Inventors: Dilhan M. Kalyon, Halit S. Gokturk, Sudhir B. Railkar
Abstract: A method and apparatus for mitigation of magnetic fields from magnetic field sources operating at low frequencies, typically less than 100 KHZ, are provided. The method is based on placing magnetic bodies of proper shape, size and physical properties close to the source of the magnetic field to cancel or reduce the magnetic field at desired sites, located away from the source. The method is applicable to mitigating all sources of magnetic fields including those generated by electric power lines, transformers, various tools, electronic devices and appliances. The apparatus, an application of the method to electric power transmission lines, consists of body of magnetic material disposed adjacent to at least one conductor of a multi-line electric power transmission system. The body is disposed between the conductors and a right-of-way located along the power transmission lines in order to lie within the magnetic field generated by the power transmission line and to thereby reduce the magnitude of the magnetic filed at and beyond the right-of-way. In one example studied in conjunction with an electric power transmission line in the X-configuration, a reduction of 84% was achieved at the edge of the right-of-way with an arc-shaped magnetic body disposed adjacent to one of the lowermost conductors.
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