Patent Number: 260407
Title: Method and apparatus for remote measurement of vibration and properties of objects
Inventors: Dimitri Donskoy , Nikolay Sedunov , Edward A. Whittaker
Abstract: A method and apparatus (10) is provided which employs phase or amplitude modulated electromagnetic probing waves (20) (in optical or microwave frequency ranges or both) emitted toward a vibrating object (8). The optical and/or microwave probing signals (20) remotely irradiate an object (8) of interest. The object (8) reflects and/or scatters the probing wave (20) toward a receiver (22). The reflected/scattered modulated signal (24) is received with a remote sensor (receiver) (22). Vibration causes additional phase modulation to the probing wave (20). At the receiving end, the signal is demodulated to extract and analyze the vibration waveform (26,28). The present invention can be utilized for nondestructive testing, monitoring of technological processes, structural integrity, noise and vibration control, mine detection, etc.
Filing Date: 2006-11-23
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