Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) facilitates entrepreneurship and technology commercialization programs and activities. The OIE also manages intellectual property and solutions commercialization at Stevens. It is a one-stop shop for faculty, researchers, students and alumni who want to start a company or need help with identifying market opportunities. The OIE assists with business strategies; tailoring and fielding test solutions, source management teams, and capital; and bringing real-world corporate and entrepreneurial experiences back into the graduate curriculum. The OIE is dedicated to realizing and supporting research outcomes in the marketplace. It provides extensive guidance, sponsors incentives and offers assistance to students and faculty alike in the development, protection and deployment of ideas and inventions. The OIE encourages ingenuity in research and promotes initiatives for change in education, infrastructure and administration.  


Stevens has been at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship since the late 1800s. Founder Edward A. Stevens was raised in a family of inventors and entrepreneurs who transformed their inventions into a number of successful enterprises, including the first steam-driven locomotive in the U.S. in 1826. By the mid 1990s, Stevens Institute of Technology adopted as a goal the transformation of the traditional university technology transfer process. By creating an environment that recognizes and rewards innovation while promoting intellectual property, the Institute could exploit key faculty and student talent to foster technological innovation. An educational environment where students, faculty, and industry jointly nurtured new technologies from concept to marketplace realization was the key to such transformation. This was the beginning of a long-term initiative bringing about a cultural shift within the academic community to (i) introduce the concept of entrepreneurship in undergraduate and graduate education, and (ii) transform the traditional technology transfer process into a technology-driven innovation exploitation process.


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The Academic Triangle: Evolution of University Roles

Academic entrepreneurship is more than a technology transfer process. It is a shift in academic culture that adds another dimension to higher education.