OIE Functions & Responsibilities

The Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship reports to the Provost and University Vice President and is supported by the President, Provost, School Deans, Faculty and several administrative offices; works to create a technology entrepreneurship environment that enables researchers and students to realize their full potential; and identifies and promotes intellectual property that satisfies society's needs, contributes to economic development at a local and national level, and brings multiple benefits to the Institute.



Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Nurtures and encourages technology entrepreneurship across Schools enabling scientific and technological discovery with broad impact and applicability
  • Provides incentives to researchers to generate innovative and relevant IP to achieve solutions to pressing world problems
  • Encourages and supports faculty student interactions based on innovative & entrepreneurial principles
  • Promotes high standards in research, doctoral students, publications, funding, patents, and technology entrepreneurship
  • Facilitates collaborative research initiatives with industry and universities in areas of common research interest for the creation of IP with high entrepreneurial potential.
  • Raises program support through Foundations and other funding agencies
  • Manages IP from inception to protection (patents, copyrights, etc.)
  • Conducts continuous research IP assessment based on innovative and entrepreneurial criteria
  • Provides/ensures availability of resources to build and maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure and support to all research faculty enabling them to produce high quality intellectual property (e.g. infrastructure, administrative support, research policy)
  • Works with department and center directors to assist and mentor research faculty through the Stevens research process from grant proposals, to journal publications, to patent writing and prosecution
  • Provides input to new faculty hiring and promotion and tenure evaluation and supports faculty development in tecnnology entrepreneurship
  • Provides faculty support in AE related issues (IP protection, entrepreneurship curriculum development, spinoff process, etc.)
  • Manages scholarships designated to promote technology entrepreneurship
  • Manages the Entrepreneurship Resources Laboratory to promote technology commercialization by
    • organizing technology entrepreneurship seminars for faculty & students
    • organizing workshops and other business related events for the entrepreneurial community
    • maintaining an industry/academia and partners/investor network