Stevens Scholars

The Stevens Scholars Program offers qualified students the opportunity to focus on several areas of study, and to either participate in undergraduate research or pursue an accelerated program leading to a bachelor's degree in three years or a dual bachelor's /master's degree in four years. As part of the Scholars Program , we offer special honors seminars at the freshman and sophomore levels in chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics.

In addition to one course per semester, Stevens requires Scholars Program students to take H183, H184 & H186 Honors Research Seminars. Upon completion of the freshman year, you must have a cumulative GPA of 3.20 or better.

As a Stevens Scholar, you have the opportunity to work on a special research project with a Faculty Research Mentor during the summer months. Participation in special research is subject to the availability of suitable projects and the approval of a Faculty Research Mentor. Students working on these projects receive a stipend and if residence hall rooms are available , free campus housing during each summer project period. If you wish to pursue an accelerated program instead of conducting summer research, you can take up to four tuition-free courses each summer.

For more information about the Stevens Scholars program, please contact :

Edward Whittaker
Room 708
[email protected]