2012 Technogenesis Progects - Technology Management

  1. Plug & Pray? Understanding Standards Making

    Standards are essential to the development of new technology - networking, wireless communication, web browsers, streaming video, and flash drives would not work without essential standards such as 802.11n, GSM, HTML, h.264 and USB. Standards bodies don't work like companies - they don't have a revenue objective, and membership is voluntary. But they are critical to product success. In this project we are looking at the inner workings of standards organizations. Who participates? Who makes decisions? And how are these decisions made? Is it a democratic process, or are there dominant players? We will use social network analysis and process mining to analyze a large set of data from the ongoing HTML 5 standard development process.

    Advisor: Prof. Michael zur Muehlen
    Howe School of Technology Management
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (201) 216-8293

  2. Technogenesis Business Plans

    Develop a market opportunity analysis for exciting technologies developed and patented at Stevens. The student will work over the summer to understand 2-3 technologies, analyze the market, and suggest/recommend opportunities for commercialization. The ideal candidate(s) should have an interest in new technologies, as well as developing new business ideas. They should have the ability to work well independently and possess good writing and organization skills, have a good attention to detail, strong analytical skills. Students will work with both a technical advisor of the technology a well as a business advisor, and will be able to find additional resources with the OAE.

    Possible technologies include:

    • GPS Technology - Microring resonator array optical gyroscope
    • Photodector - Graphene for tunable photo-detection applications
    • Inkjet-printed graphene electrodes for electronics
    • Bone graft substitutes
    • Bio-film coatings
    • Nanoengineered fuel cell membranes
    • Acoustic emission transfucer based on PZT nonfibers

    Advisor: Lex McCusker
    Howe School of Technology Management
    Email: lex.mccusker @stevens.edu
    Phone: (201) 216-8119

  3. Maximizing The Outcomes of Targeted Organization Development at a NJ Community- Drive Medical Center

    Investigate the quantitative outcomes associated with the improvement in patient satisfaction scores at Monmouth Medical Center (MMC) since the inception of Stevens Healthcare Educational Partnership (SHEP) training. This will include on-site analysis and liaison with the MMC Executive Team and care givers. Additional specific responsibilities will include:

    • Innovation of a quick chart translation guide for non-English speaking patients using the to-date research done by SHEP
    • Determination of the progress to-date of the Geriatric Service Emergency Dept at MMC
    • Production of a statistical overview of the profile of the mental health utilization of both MMC and VNAHG/Asbury Park's drug and alcohol rehab projects
    • Implementation an IT support system plan for dashboard monitoring of home and outpatient care of the MMC-VNAHG alliance

    Advisor: Dr. D.N. Lombardi
    Industry Professor of Healthcare
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: (201) 216-5661

  4. Market Study and Business Plan Development for a Nanotech Startup

    Ability to manufacture nanostructures over a large substrate area at a relative low cost has gained a great deal of interest in recent times due to various multi-functional applications beyond nanoelectronics. To this end, we have currently developed patent pending technology capable of high-efficiency, high-throughput nano-patterning based on laser interference lithography. Due to its novelty, many commercialization oppurtunities exist for this technology. The objective of this Technogenesis project is to conduct market analysis as well as the development of a business plan for such a venture. A highly motivated student, preferably with good background in Technology Management and Physics/Engineering, is strongly recommended for this project. The student will also aid in the development of a website advertising the potential startup company and its technological capabilities/products.

    Advisors: Prof. Chang-Hwan Choi / Ishan Wathuthanthri
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
    Phone: (201) 216-579