Technology Licensing

Licensing Process Overview

  1. Evaluate inventions (including invention disclosures, patent applications) for commercial potential
    • Determine utility, novelty and priority
    • Review market and determine approximate market value, size, penetration and competition
    • Estimate prosecution costs and timeline
    • Recommend whether to proceed with patent prosecution and commercialization
  2. License to existing business or start-up
    • Review business plans and commercialization plans
    • Determine extent of R&D required for enablement and commercialization
    • Determine suitability for license by existing businesses
    • Evaluate teams available for business
    • Determine success criteria
    • Negotiate and execute a term sheet
  3. Negotiate licensing agreement with potential licensee(s)
    • Approval of business terms by OIE
    • Approval of legal terms by General Counsel
    • Agreement signature and execution

Stevens welcomes interactions with start-up companies and established enterprises who are interested in collaborating on the commercialization of Stevens innovations.

Various mechanisms for interaction are available ranging from licensing specific technologies to active participation in the establishment of new companies.

If you or your company are interested in learning about new technologies available at Stevens Institute of Technology, please contact:

Dr. Werner Kuhr
Director of Technology Commercialization
Phone: 201.216.3509
Fax: 201.216.8185
Email: [email protected]