Faculty Poster Session 2013

Center for Environmental Systems

SERS Analysis of Arsenic Species in Water Download Poster
Meng, Xiaoguang, Xu, Zhonghou; Hao, Jumin

Bio-regeneration of Spent Anion Exchange Resin Produced in Treatment of Nitrate Contaminated Water Download Poster
Meng, Xiaoyang; Fiume, Antonio; Vaccari, David A.; Meng, Xiaoguang

Center for Maritime Systems/ Davidson Laboratory

Comparison of Sandy Impacts in Three New Jersey Coastal Communities Download Poster
Miller, Jon K.; Herrington, Thomas O.; Walling, Katlin; Lopez, Omar; Eble, Anthony; Rella, Andrew

Center for Mass Spectrometry

Direct Detection of Inorganic Mercury Salts as Dry Smears by Helium Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry Download Poster
Pavlov, Julius; Attygalle, Athula

Direct Detection of Organic Nitrate Esters by Ambient Pressure Helium Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry Download Poster
Pavlov, Julius; Attygalle, Athula

First Detection of Pnicogen Compounds by Ambient Pressure Helium Plasma Ionization Mass Spectrometry Download Poster
Pavlov, Julius; Attygalle, Athula

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Innovative Approaches for Alternative Energy Applications Download Poster
Omosebi, Ayokunle; Wang ,Zeyang; Lindner, Peter; Griggs, John; Glassman, Mathew; Besser, Ronald

Novel Microstructured Anodic Aluminum Oxide (AAO)-Coated Sapphire Fiber Optics Sensor for Harsh Environments Download Poster
Chen, Hui; Pinkhasova, Polina; Sheppard, Keith; Du, Henry

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science/ Laboratory for Multiscale Imaging

Microgel Arrays for High Sensitivity Multiplexed Detection Download Poster
Ma, Youlong; Dai, Xiaoguang; Liber, Matthew

Chemistry, Chemical Biology & Biomedical Engineering

Intelligent Antibacterial Coating for Indwelling Devices Download Poster
Traba, Christian; Azzam, Robin; Liang, James

Biomimetic Engineering of Multifunctional Skin Grafts Download Poster
Xu, Meng; Wang, Hongjun

Biphasic Osteochondral Scaffold for Articular Cartilage Regeneration Download Poster
Lee, Paul; Yu, Xiaojun

Ventilation Induced Surfactant Spreading In Pulmonary Edema Download Poster
Kharge, Angana B.; Perlman, Carrie E.

Quantifying and Protecting Against Ventilation Injury of the Edematous Lung Download Poster
Wu, You; Perlman, Carrie E.

Biomimetic Nanofiber Enabled Layer-By-Layer Assembly for Creation of Proto-Hair Structures Download Poster
Mahjour, Seyed Babak

The Application of Gold Nanoparticles in Photodynamic Therapy of Breast Cancer Download Poster
Yang; Yamin; Wang, Hongjun

Chemistry, Chemical Biology & Biomedical Engineering/Hackensack University Medical Center

Evaluating the Effect of Bit Rate on Quality of Portable Ultrasound Download Poster
Gray, Marissa; Hazelwood, Vikki

Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Biomedical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering

Tunable Wettability Surface Coated with Poly(2-ethylacrylic acid) Surface Hydrogel Download Poster
Lu, Yiming; Du, Ke; Sarshar, Amin, Choi, Chang-Huang; Sukhishvili, Svetlana

Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Biomedical Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering

Soft Microbead Guided Axonal Extension for Microfluidic 3D Neural Network Simulation Download Poster
Lugo, Melissa; Lee, Woo; Fard, Sahar; Shah, Munish; Yu, Xiaojun; Tolias, Peter; Change, Robert

Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Biomedical Engineering; Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Toward Generation of Bone Download Poster
Valdevit, Antonio; Noonan, Emily; Sidoti, Hannah; Godsell, Britanny; Chung, Rebecca; Maglaras, Constance; Ritter, Arthur; Kalyon, Dilhan

College of Arts & Letters

Water Management and Community- based Solutions in Coastal Ecuador: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Engineering Download Poster
Digrius, Dawn M.

Computer Science

Timed Sessional Dataflow Download Poster
Duggan, Dominic; Yao, Jianhua

Adaptive Defenses Through Virtual Application Partitioning Download Poster
Geneiatakis, Dimitris; Portokalidis, Georgios; Kemerlis, Vasileios P. ; Keromyti, Angelos D.

Least Commitment Multi-view Stereo Download Poster
Hu, Xiaoyan; Mordohai, Philippos

Verification of K-means Clustering Outsourced to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Providers Download Poster
Liu, Ruilin; Wang, Wendy Hui; Mordohai, Philipps; Xiong, Hui

Probabilistic Elastic Matching for Pose Variant Face Verification Download Poster
Hua, Gang; Li, Haoxiang

Auxiliary Leaning for Visual Recognition Download Poster
Hua, Gang; Zhang, Qilin

Information Security for Mobile Apps Download Poster
Naumann, David

SCAR: Dynamic Adaptation for Person Detection and Persistence Analysis in Unconstrained Videos Download Poster
Kamberov, George; Burlick, Matt; Karydas, Lazaros; Koteoglou, Olga

Sub-Scenes and Semantic Video Shot Detection Download Poster
Kamberov, George; Burlick, Matt; Karydas, Lazaros; Koteoglou, Olga

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Kalman-Filter Based Dynamic Positioning for Robot-Assisted Human Indoor Localization Download Poster
Jiang, Chao; Fahad, Muhammad; Guo,Yi ; Yang, Jie; Chen,Yingying

Mobile data offloading in opportunistic cloud networks Download Poster
Mahmoodi, Eman; Subbalakshmi, K. P.

Towards Energy Efficient Privacy in Wireless Networks Download Poster
Comaniciu, Cristina

Electrical & Computer Engineering/ Information Network and Security Lab (iNFINITY)

QoS Aware Cognitive network manager Download Poster
Sagar, Vidya

Mechanical Engineering

Moire Holographic Lithography Download Poster
Wathuthanthri, Ishan; Choi, Chang-Hwan

Tunable Wetting on Smart Polymers at Ultra-low Voltages for Smart Microfluidics Download Poster
Xu, Wei; Li, Xin; Tian, Ye; Bisaria, Himanshi; Ahn, Paul; Choi, Chang-Hwan; Yang, Eui-Hyeok

Nanotechnology EXposure for Undergraduate Students (NUE-NEXUS) Download Poster
Yang, Eui-Hyeok; Fisher, Fisher; Besser, Ronald; Choi, Chang-Hwan; Sheppard, Keith

Nanoengineered Smart Carbon Materials and Sensors for Energy, Environment and Health Download Poster
Yang, Eui-Hyeok

Suspended Graphene Microribbons for Photodetectors Download Poster
Patil, Vikram; Godin, Kyle; Capone, Aaron; Strauf, Stefan; Yang, Eui-Hyeok

Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene Towards Transparent Electrodes Download Poster
Kumar, Kitu; Ding, Junjun; Tian, Ye; Pallikaras, Andreas; Moy, Andy; Brew, Michael; Binyamin, Yasha; Tsaoussis Julia; Yang, Eui-Hyeok

3-D Graphene-CNT Architectures for Energy Storage Applications Download Poster
Kim, Youn-Su; Kumar, Kitu; Fisher, Frank Yang, Eui-Hyeok

Advances in Vibration-based Energy Harvesting Download Poster
Dong, Lin; Fisher, Frank

Computational Investigation of Flows with Swirl and Curvature Download Poster
Aljallis, Elias; Thangam, Siva

Integration of Thermites to Enhance the Performance of Exploding Film Initiators Download Poster
Yang, Seongjin; Pochiraju, Kishore; Manoochehri, Souran

Reflex Actions for Stabilizing Lightweight Legged System Download Poster
Kim, Won Young; Pochiraju, Kishore

Mechanical Engineering/ Noise and Vibration Control Laboratory

Is Acoustics and Noise Control Important in Design of Buildings? Download Poster
Balaguru, Rajavel; Prasad, Marehalli G

Mechanical Engineering/ U.S. Armament, Research and Development Center

Projectile Design: Computational and Experimental Investigations Download Poster
Mehmedagic, Igbal; Buckley, Liam; Carlucci, Pasquale; Carlucci, Donald; Thangam, Siva

Physics & Engineering Physics

Quantum Light Signatures and Nanosecond Spectral Diffusion From Cavity-Embedded Carbon Nanotube Download Poster
Sarpkaya, Ibrahim;Walden-Newman,William; Strauf, Stefan

Graphene Antidot Superlattices for Applications in Optoelectronic Devices Download Poster
Shepard, Gabriella

Quantum Control of Open System: Stochastic Approach Download Poster
Shu,Wenchong; Yu, Ting

Preserving Entanglement via Quantum Error Correction Download Poster
Zhao, Xinyu; Hedemann, Samuel; Yu, Ting

New Frontiers in Quantum Computation Download Poster
Hedemann, Samuel; Yu, Ting

Physics & Engineering Physics/ Laboratory for Mesoscopic Quantum Systems

Coupled Resonator Optical Waveguide (CROW) Gyroscope Download Poster
Kalantarov, Dmitriy

School of Systems & Enterprises

Smart City: Hoboken Download Poster
Mostashari, Ali

Software Stability Prediction for US Navy Aegis Weapon System (AWS) Download Poster
Huddell, Benjamin; Blackburn, Mark

Optimization Models in Systems Engineering Download Poster
Concho, Lisbeth; Hernandez, Ivan; Li, Qing; Muaafa, Mohammed; Van Weele, Stuart; Li, Jing; Lipizzi, Carlo; Ramirez-Marquez, Jose Emmanuel

Rethinking How We Develop New Concepts Download Poster
Cloutier, Robert; Zigh, Teresa; Korfiatis, Peter;

Analysis Modelling Framework for FAA NEXTGEN Download Poster
Blackburn, Mark; Dillon-Merrill, Robin, Pyster, Art; Zigh, Teresa; Turner, Rich

School of Systems & Enterprises/ Financial Systems Center

Early Warning Methods for Rare Events Detection Download Poster
Bozdog, Dragos; Florescu, Ionut; Khashanah, Khaldoun; Wang, Jim

Systems Engineering Research Center/Computer Science

Systems Engineering Experience Accelerator Download Poster
Wade, Jon; Kamberov, George; Cox, Brent

Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management

Leveraging Social Media for Disaster Response Download Poster
Chen, Rongjuan; Li, Huaye; Tanaka, Yuko; Sakamoto, Yasuaki

Allocate Less, Increase Value Download Poster
Ben-Zvi, Tal; Lechler, Thomas G.

Innovation Heterosis: Networks of Crowdsourced Products & the Art of Remixing Download Poster
Kyriakou H.; Englehardt S.; Nickerson J.V.

Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management/ Center for Decision Technologies

Synergetic Intelligent Optimization Framework for the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem Download Poster
Panagiotis, Repoussis; Chrysanthos, Gounaris ; Christos, Tarantilis; Christodoulos, Floudas

Investment Decisions On Emission Abatement Technology Adoption: a social network approach Download Poster
Creamer, Germán; Creamer, Bernardo