Meet the Provost: George P. Korfiatis

Dr. George P. Korfiatis serves as the Provost and University Vice President at Stevens Institute of Technology since December of 2006. He joined Stevens Institute of Technology in 1983 as an Assistant Professor. In 1987 he founded the Center for Environmental Engineering, a research center that he directed until September of 2002 when he became the Dean of the Charles V. Schaefer Jr., School of Engineering. Over the past 24 years, Dr. Korfiatis has been a leader in environmental research and technology development and has made many seminal contributions in engineering education, research, and the applications of engineering research for the greater good of business, industry and society. His technical contributions are reflected in over 110 technical papers in books, journals and conference proceedings, over 100 technical presentations and seven patents and have been recognized by a variety of national research funding organizations and industry which have repeatedly funded his research and that of his co-workers to the tune of more than $23 Million.

Dr. Korfiatis' research has served as the basis for the development of technology with notable impact on society. He and his co-workers have developed technology for the removal of arsenic and other harmful contaminants and heavy metals from drinking waters. This technology has formed the intellectual basis for Hydroglobe Corp., a company he co-founded and served as a Founding Director in 2000. Hydroglobe Corp. was acquired by Graver Technologies in 2004 who is marketing products worldwide. His research in ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure diffused plasmas has led to a technology that was commercialized by PlasmaSol Corp. Dr. Korfiatis and his co-workers founded PlasmaSol Corp. in 1999. The novel plasma technology was developed with applications in the destruction of trace organic contaminants as well as spore and microbial sterilization. Recognizing these unique advantages PlasmaSol was acquired by Stryker Corp. for sterilization of medical instruments and orthopedic implants.

As Dean of Engineering at Stevens, Dr. Korfiatis has championed the development of new curricula in Biomedical, Systems, Naval and Information Systems engineering and developed several new research programs and relationships with the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community. Under his guidance, the Stevens graduate programs in Systems and Enterprise Engineering have been adopted nationally by the defense, intelligence and space sectors (both government and industry) as the premier graduate program in Systems Engineering training. Over the past four years the graduate enrollments in engineering experienced a threefold growth and research grant awards have doubled. Through Dr. Korfiatis’s leadership, the Center for Innovation in Science and Engineering education is developing engineering curricula and outreach programs for adoption in Middle Schools and High Schools in NJ, in order to prepare and attract more youngsters in the engineering profession. Dr. Korfiatis has made it his mission to embed creative expression innovation and entrepreneurial practice to the education of the scientists and engineers of the future. He is championing an educational environment nurturing Inventiveness, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and resulting in our graduates having the skills to lead in the globally competitive economic environment. Dr. Korfiatis has served in numerous panels, task forces and committees for various organizations including the National Academy of Engineering, NASA, EPA the State of New Jersey and others.

George Korfiatis
McLean Chair Professor, Provost and University Vice President
Edwin A. Stevens Hall
Room 404
Phone: 201.216.5263
Fax: 201.216.8909
[email protected]

Provost Responsibilities & Authority

  • Overarching Responsibility: Align the academic initiatives to the strategic plan of the Institute.  
  • Under the President, the Provost and University Vice President is the second most senior officer of the Institute. 
  • Chief Academic Officer and the President's deputy and principal adviser on all matters affecting the educational and academic operations of the Institute.
  • Responsible for the formulation and administration of Institute academic policy, in consultation with the Academic Deans and the Faculty Senate.
  • Sets goals and objectives and policy for the overall academic programs of the Institute and advises, and acts as the representative of the President on academic matters affecting the faculty and students of the Institute.
  • Direct oversight of undergraduate and graduate education, research, libraries, continuing education, and schools, centers and institutes on campus.
  • Ensures, in coordination with all other direct reports to the President, that all functions and operations of the Institute best support its academic mission.