Study Plans

Study Plan and Enrollment Process A written study plan is necessary for all students pursuing a degree. Registration for classes in your first semester at Stevens is permitted without a Study Plan. Thereafter, you will not be permitted to enroll if a study plan is not on file with the Office of the Registrar. During the first semester you are expected to register in the core courses required for your degree and/or in any courses that were required and stipulated in your acceptance letter. Courses required for your degree are shown in the Academic Catalog.

You may modify your study plan at any time with the approval of your faculty advisor. Only courses shown on your approved study plan will count toward your degree requirements. Your most recent study plan needs to be on file.

Study Plan Forms

A Study Plan must be on file at the Office of the Registrar before enrollment is possible. The Study Plan must have the signature of your advisor, or in the case of a Special Student Study Plan, any member of the faculty of the department that administers the program.

  • Study Plan Instructions and Preparation
  • General Instructions on how to fill out a Study Plan form
  • Special Student Study Pla
  • For Nonmatriculating and other Special Students.
  • Graduate Certificate Study Plan
  • Master's Study Plan
  • Engineer Degree Study Plan
  • Doctoral Study Plan
  • The Study Plan Forms can be downloaded and printed using Acrobat® Reader.

Please contact Aylin Brandon, Associate Registrar, if you have any questions or comments. We wish you success in your academic pursuits and professional goals.