Application for Candidacy

When is the Application for Candidacy (AC) due?

You must submit the approved AC before November 1 or April 15 if you are planning to complete in December or May, respectively. If you submit the AC late, you will be assessed a $55 late fee. You will informed by mail sometime in April regarding the commencement ceremony arrangements. Click here to find Application for Candidacy form and the accompanying Commencement Questionnaire.

Do I have to submit a revised study plan with my AC?

No. The AC is your final study [lan and supersedes the previous study plan(s).

Do I have to pay the graduation fee if I am not going to attend the graduation ceremony?

Yes. The graduation fee also covers the costs incurred in creating the diploma certificate. In addition, if you are submitting a thesis, you will also have to pay a binding fee and microfilming fee. The amount of each of these fees is posted on our tuition and fee structure.

When and where is graduation held?

Graduation is held once a year, typically the third week of May..

How many tickets do I get for graduation?

The Office of Student Life will provide each candidate with four tickets to give to their guests.